Sunday, October 4, 2009

TrimarchiDG - acclimation tour

One important chapter will be dedicated to the biggest Design-Congress in South America, the TrimarchiDG in Mar del Plata.
For this purpose we visited the Congress last weekend and did the first interviews.
With the help of the different designers from all over the world we could catch a view from the outside onto Argentina and its Design.
We were very fascinated by the different people we could talk to.

Sebastián Valdivia and Pablo González Díaz, the creators and organizers of TrimarchiDG.

Out of Register from Spain.

Alex Trochut from Spain.

Zalma Jalluf from Argentina.

Tomas Roope from England.

Juan Pablo Cambariere from Argentina.

Colletivo from Brasil.

Area 3 from Spain.

Sebastián Valdivia from Argentina.

idn from China.

Peet Pienaar from the President in South Africa and Argentina.

Patricio Oliver from Argentina.

István Orosz from Hungary.

Round table with all the speakers at the end of the congress.

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