Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the book

Format: 180 x 240 mm
Pages: 478
Paper: 115 g Römerturm, Colombo
Binding: Threadless binding
Fonts: Thesis (The Sans, The Serif)

The title:
Displays what came out: „Quilombo Lindo“- a beautiful chaos. We encountered an potpourri of styles, working methods, biographies, traditions and techniques. An apparent chaos, whose beauty arises just out of this complexity.

The first chapter:
To make the context of the designers and their works fully understandable, we choose not only to fill this book with a collection of interviews with the designers, the book also contains two other parts: We begin the book with an interview with the German industrial designer, design-theorist and author Gui Bonsiepe who has been living and working in South America since the 60’s. He guides the reader through the history of South America and he is making a major contribution exemplifying the history of the Argentinian design and its connection to the hfg Ulm.

The second chapter: We present the biggest design conference in South America, which is located in Mar del Plata, 600 km south of Buenos Aires. The interview with Sebastián Valdivia, one of the two founders and organizers of the congress, talks about the congresses history in connection with the development of Argentinian design and its relevance towards it. With the help from further interviews with the international participants of the congress, we give a trans-cultural glance upon Argentina and with a combination of interviews and photos of Argentina we create a feeling for country, people and design.
The third chapter: Takes the reader into the midst of the “Lindo Quilombo”, the beautiful chaos: the design capital of Argentina – Buenos Aires. Exciting interviews and works with and by 30 different designers are waiting to be read. The reader is introduced to the city towards several photo-graphies of buenos aires combined with quotations from the interviews.

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