Monday, November 2, 2009


Patricio Oliver presented his new collection of vinyl dolls, a spooky but sympathetic group of creatures called the »Cucos« in a pretty shop in San Telmo. The bizarre Cucos are living in a big voctorian house in the middle of the Horror Forest. They only exist to spread terror and anxiety. The presentation was accompagnied by spooky music especially composed by Ignacio Sniechowskie and by illustrations of the Cuscos. Thursday, 26th of November

On Saturday night we went to the gallery »ThisIsNotAGallery« in Palermo to see the exhibition »Catalanian Arts in Movement« . A group of Catalanian artists and designers invited to enjoy Catalanian poetry, illustrations, video arts and interactive installations besides some typical delicious food and wine. Saturday, 21th of November
The »Arts Moved«-Team

Enjoying the interactive installation created by Area 3, lying on a tomato bred.

Florencia and Mireia read Catalanian poems and stories which sounded really beautiful and was accompanied by an atmospharic lightshow and sounds.

Vanessa practicing the Catalanian way to drink wine...

At the Centro Cultural de Recoleta was hold an interdisciplinary exhibition of Graphic Design. UBA-Students of the Cátedra Gabriele exposed their works which were developed during the last semester. Thursday, 12th of November

Sunday afternoon in Buenos Aires, walking through the city... Sunday, 6th of November

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