Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ronald shakespear

It was a pleasure to get to know Ronald Shakespear, founder of Diseño Shakespear (www.shakespearweb.com). Today Ronald is heading the studio together with his two sons, Lorenzo and Juan and they are celebrating the studio`s 50th birthday this year. Besides others, the studio was crucial for the development of Argentinian design and also for the face of the City Buenos Aires. To name just a few examples: they designed the way finding system and branding for the underground (SUBTE), the Temaikén Biopark, the Municipal Hospitals signage and more than 1.600 corporate identities, including Banco Galicia, Duty Free Shop, Luigi Bosca and more. A selection of their works can be seen in Ronald`s latest book »Señal de Disño«. In 2008 the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (www.robert1peters.com) has honoured Ronald with the SEGD Fellow Award.

Design by Juan, Lorenzo and Ronald Shakespear

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