Saturday, November 28, 2009

gui bonsiepe

Our last interview brought us to La Plata a city, 60 km southeast of Buenos Aires to visit Gui Bonsiepe, who graduated at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm in Germany. Since 1968 he has been living in Southamerica working in programms for the developement of industrial design. He has been teaching as a professor in several latinamerican and european universities, for example the KISD in Cologne. He is an author of various books and essays since the mid 1970`s, for example »Democracy and Design« and the latest book, which he wrote with his partner Sivia Fernandez »Historia del Diseño en América Latina y el Caribe«. Together with Tomás Maldonado Gui represents the axis »Buenos Aires-Ulm-Zürich-Mailand« who had an important influence on the developement of Argentinian design. Hence it was indispensable to talk to Gui and get to know more about design history and his experiences in South America.

It was probably the most unusual interview we had, starting with a big »parilla« in the countryside together with Gui and Silvia, Germaine Bonifacio and Professor Heiner Jakob.


Carolina Torres said...

You have a great blog!
I love it! XD

i found it 'cause i search for christian montenegro, i really love his works and he was my professor so i'm a fan!

Again, great blog and a happy 2010!
Cheers from Buenos Aires.

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